I write software for a living. I write books to learn my craft better. I coach athletes for fun and for the challenge.


I learn, I do,
and then I teach


Well, hello there! I'm Erin, a programmer, author, and coach living in the Pacific Northwest. (You may also know me as Ian, a name I answered to for a few decades before switching to Erin in 2017.)

One of my favorite things to do—whether the activity is programming, cooking, board games, or race walking—is to immerse myself in a skill and then share what I've learned.

For something technical like software testing, this means writing books such as Effective Testing With RSpec 3. For physical skills like race walking, it means coaching teams of athletes.



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Some selected accolades

It’s an essential resource for Rubyists looking to learn RSpec, or for those who use it every day. I’ve already started using it regularly as a resource.
—Noel Rappin on Effective Testing With RSpec 3
Definitely a book I would recommend to others wanting to expand their programming horizons.
—Matthew Wild on Seven More Languages in Seven Weeks

First Place Overall, Portland to Coast 2017 Walking Relay (my team)

First Place, Corporate Mixed Division, Portland to Coast 2017 Walking Relay (a team I coach)